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MAGNUM XL -Post~Thanksgiving Party!

When a party is on point people say: 'The party was Lit!' However, Magnum XL ~ Post Thanksgiving Party on Saturday, November 25th!...lit just doesn't cut it.... It was more like the Roof is on FIRE! Yeah, yeah, that's an old azz term that nobody uses anymore...but there is no other word to describe the party last night.

We're talking about 60 plus hot guys, non-stop action till almost 7a.m. in the morning. Yes, you heard right...the motherfucking sun was up when the brother's finished wrecking the place! Truly Big Fun on Tuesday and Saturday night during the Thanksgiving Holiday. As always we at 'The LA Spot!' will never fail to say "THANK YOU" for all the Support you guys give us week after week.

Our Mission: To create a sexy, chill and private Spot where DL Men & other Brother's can come together 2 Socialize, Hangout and Play Man-2-Man! Our Goal: To present a new type of party aka hangout spot in Los Angeles where men can be free to let down their inhibitions and be around other like-minded Brothers!. Much Love, Flex and Marcus W.

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