Los the Mecca for sexy, ripped 'Beach Bodies!' Outsiders may call Los Angeles laid back, unsophisticated, even flaky, but they never say its people are out of shape.

Now that's to be debated, but I'm sure most people would agree that due to LA's year-round good weather living a healthy and fit lifestyle would be the norm. I mean there's really no excuse right?

That brings us to the topic at hand: 'Man-2-Man Hangout Parties' that require guys to be in shape (Athletic to Muscular) to attend their parties is the norm. Some would think it's just an LA thing, but no it's a requirement in almost every major city from New York, Atlanta, DC, Miami, Chicago to Los Angeles.

Call it what you want...but most Brothers prefer to hangout aka play with other like-minded and in shape Brothers! That's why most Man-2-Man parties has as its criteria to attend guys MUST be in shape!

It can be seen as false advertisement when a party has sexy, ripped brothers on their promotional material, and when you attend the majority of the guys are out of shape! Now, it's really great that some Man-2-Man parties have all shapes and sizes welcomed. And in Los Angeles 'The LA Spot' celebrates other Man-2-Man parties in LA for they fill a void for other physical type of guys.

However, we feel it's important for all of us to be true and upfront about the type of guys that will be attending our party. This way guys are not looking for similar guys displayed on the flyer and see something totally different once they attend. This hurts us all....

MAGNUM XL @ The LA Spot will always do our best to represent a fit, inshape standard for our clientele expects and requires it when attending the Magnum XL Man-2-Man parties... However, to be totally transparent even though Magnum XL is held in the Mecca for sexy and fit people, we fall short to meet requirements that other cities have as it relates to being extremely strict to only allow sexy, ripped brothers to attend... Our goal is to double down on this effort. Not only is our attendees asking for it, but we have tons of out of town guest who attend Magnum XL and they come expecting it as well.

So, moving forward if anyone is offended by being turned away at the door we apologize! But our Criteria to attend is very clear and either you didn't read it or you decided to take a chance thinking we would allow you access just because you showed up by misrepresenting yourself via an old photo when you were 25! Sorry, but you thought wrong and those days are over!

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