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The LA Spot responds to Blackout

Eric Smith or Rhino or someone who works for Blackout sent a link to the LA Spot Blog as a reply to one of our post! Why? To cause division? We're not sure, but we truly hope not. See Facebook profile:

However, to set the record straight! (True Facts) When "Blackout Social" first came on the scene...they started their parties by trying to 'Trash' 'The LA Spot!' It's interesting that they failed to mention that part to their speaking about 'Crabs in a Barrel' it all started with Blackout... Flex nor anyone at 'The LA Spot' has ever trashed any other party! No reason to!

If you know I do and most people who come to the parties know him...this is not his style to hate. So, an apology is due from Rhino to Flex.

However, as his business partner I couldn't let this be left in the negative atmosphere without a reply. We're all about supporting and uplifting each other! We Don't Hate Anyone...Nothing but Love... Smile

There is room for all parties!...Especially, in a major city like LA there should be more. We also 'Refer' other guys to Blackout Social who are looking for Black Only, as well as, MenPlayLA no matter the body type. So, it goes both ways as it should...supporting each other is important!

For the Record: We listen to OUR faithful members and do our best to give them what they 'Ask For' to improve our parties that we present twice a week. We've been doing our parties for over 10 years, and we do our best to be consistent, reliable and a party our members can count on week after week...just like the white parties in LA.

One of the ways we've lasted so long... is that we do our best to stay true to the criteria of sexy, fit Men of Color... However, we stated that we have fallen short of that goal lately in the effort to be more inclusive. But VOWED to our members to return to only allowing guys to the LA Spot who are sexy and in shape. For when we slacked...our members COMPLAINED and rightly so!

Guys want to attend a party where they see like-minded fit guys, just like guys want a party that is Black Only! Our parties attendance is mostly black men (90 percent) and 10 percent other sexy, fit Men of Color!

In a previous post, Read here> ... we kept on getting guys asking us..."Please be honest...Do sexy fit guys attend your parties." We couldn't understand why we kept getting guys asking us this question. So, much so, it got annoying!...We got our answer... guys had informed us they had attended Blackout Social' and quite a few guys attending were heavy set or out-of shape guys, but they had fun. Also, guys informed us that 'The LA Spot' is known for sexy body guys...and that they wanted to know if this is true or not! FYI: Not our words, but there's! We don't know what goes on at Blackout... neither Flex or I have attended BO!

This is why we stated in our post: "It hurts all of us." because guys get leery the next time they get an invite to attend a party thinking they will see other guys like them based on the promotion. We must keep in mind that guys spend their hard earn money, gas and time to attend our parties. More importantly, first-timers who get an invite or hear about our parties expect to get what they paid for.

The ‘Good News’ is...that there are Black Only, Men of Color and White Only Parties in LA so that all men in LA (average to muscular) have a place they can attend, and have fun.... No harm, no foul... Marcus W aka Door Man!

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