Last night our Latino & Mix Brothers arrived early to jump-off the party! But our Tall, Dark & Sexy Brothers ended it by totally wrecking the Joint with intense man-2-man action till 5am. WOW! There is nothing like seeing tall brothers get it in.

We literally had to step away from our post to check out not one, not two, but three groups of tall sexy brothers rumble like no tomorrow! Dammmm! That shit was Hot!


We truly appreciated the love and the support from the brothers who encouraged us to keep the LA Spot sexy and body fit! Here are a few of the comments: 'I workout 4 to 5 days a week and I only get with brothers who do the same...period!

One of our sexy regulars brought a new buddy last night and said: My boy wanted to go to a place where the guys are sexy and he told me the LA Spot definitely delivered. He said he can't wait to come next week!

One of our newbies who actually came for the first time on Tuesday, July 3rd, but ended up coming near closing time last night said: He didn't mind coming late cause he wanted to get it in and he knew the type of guys he likes would be here.


As most of you may know...doing two parties every week is a lot of work! However, we do it with this Mission and Goal in mind: To present a chill place where sexy, masculine and discreet men can hangout, drink, smoke and engage in conversations and man-2-man action. Our Goal: To be a place you guys can call your own and count on every week.

For we realize, most of you don't do the club scene...are extremely discreet and prefer to hangout with like-minded men. If we are offering that, meeting a need and you guys are happy...we're GOOD! And we will aim to be here for you guys another ten years!

MUCH LOVE! Flex & Marcus

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