Saturday, July 28th gave us an exotic full moon with a taste of crisps cool breeze which set the tone for an extraordinary evening. Last night was our last Saturday night party before we return to every Friday Night! As you can imagine the full-moon brought out the freaks in full-force. The brothers started arriving at 11:15pm which is always a great indicator that the party was going to be a wall-to-wall packed and the action blazing hot!

Dark or Mood Lighting Room

A few weeks ago our team members mentioned it would be a great ideal to make the dark room...even darker aka the Extreme Dark Room. Now, honestly...Marcus and I are not big fans of not being able to see a brother in dark settings...experienced it in New York and Atlanta and hated it...I personally couldn't even see my hand in front of my face...lol. However, we said we would try it, and the team was Spot On!... The extreme dark room was packed and the guys really seemed to LOVE it! However,...we also noticed that the Mood Lighting Room was equally popular with brothers like Marcus and I... who prefer to see who the hell we're Freaking with... LMAO.

Needless to say, the Extremely Dark Room is a great addition to an extremely hot and sexy Magnum XL party! So, guys just know that we offer both room types...an Extreme Dark Room and a Sexy Mood Lighting Room for your Enjoyment!

Big Shout-Out as always... to all the sexy brothers who came out on Saturday! We are extremely happy,,,that the 'WORD' is out! If you're looking for Sexy, Body Fit Men of Color (African-American, Hispanic, Dominican, Brazilian, etc) The LA Spot is the place you will find it...and it's all because of you guys for inviting your sexy friends and spreading the word...THANK YOU!!! Much Love, Flex & Marcus W...

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