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If we could use only one word to describe the Magnum XL Friday Night 'Appreciation Party' it would be...INCREDIBLE! Guys started arriving before 11pm lol... and by 12am it was jammed packed. And it continued until every space and corner was filled to Capacity! Actually, we should of held it at a larger spot like a, but guess what... the next time we do our 'Appreciation Party' it just may be one....just FYI...


JD: You guys always give back and throw the best parties!..Thank you for doing this!

Rob: No other party I've attended lets guys in for FREE! Plus free liquor and 420 friendly!...Man that says a lot about you guys...

CW: Damn...Every brother in here is sexy as fuck! I will definitely be back!

KL: You know I always tell you this... This is needed in LA...You two are supplying a space where guys can come together and enjoy themselves with no judgement. Plus you give back by doing special parties that allow guys in for free for the first hour. I know personally...some guys don't always have the funds to, this means a lot!

BIG THANK all the sexy guys who made our return to FRIDAY nights a HUGE SUCCESS!

Continue to Spread the Word...MAGNUM XL is now 'Every Tuesday & Friday Night! Much Love!

Flex & Marcus W.

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