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Magnum XL Friday for Body-Fit Men of Color is starting off GREAT! Last night was a really awesome insight of how sizzling hot our New Theme Friday nights will become. As we prepare to enforce the official start of Body Fit Fridays on August 24th...our mission is to continue to get the word out! Guys saw the vision last night and informed us they will definitely spread the word!

'Word of Mouth' in the world of social media is still the most powerful and best way to advertise. So, guys if you're reading this blog we're asking you to spread the word like wildfire that Magnum XL Friday for Body Fit Men of Color has arrived in Los Angeles aka @ The LA Spot!

Big Thanks to everyone who came out last night from our sexy Black Brothers to our sexy Dominicans, Hispanic, Puerto Ricans, Native Indians which had the place lit... Damn, we didn't know y'all are freaks lol, and of course our Mix Brothers.

Sexy, Fit Men of Color coming together to create the hottest butt azz naked Fridays in Los Angeles! Much love and see you guys Friday, August 24th for the official launch of Magnum XL Friday ~ Body-Fit Only Party!

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