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FIVE STARS! Magnum XL Friday Reviews!

The Official 'MAGNUM XL FRIDAY' Sexy, Body Fit Party was on last night (Friday, August 24th, 2018) and the turnout was insane and the reviews were all Five (5) Stars!


JC: Bro, I’m not spending my money at no other party in LA…This shit right here is what I’ve been looking for!

GH: From Atlanta - Damn, I heard Magnum XL Fridays was LIT!…I’m from Atlanta, but I’m in LA all the time on business. So, this will be my new Spot from now on!

BB: Man, all I can say is ‘Thank You! But what took you guys so long! You can’t go wrong with Sexy, Body Fit Brothers everywhere!

TW: ‘Brilliant Idea!’ A night exclusively for body boyz! Kudos Bro!

SM: I love Tuesday nights, but you know me... Flex I prefer to kick it with Fit Brothers. So, now that's it fit guys only...Fridays will be my Night!

A Surprising & Stunning Revelation:

It’s been our understanding that most guys who attend Man-2-Man parties love and prefer totally dark rooms and corners, etc. The reasoning is guys don’t want other guys seeing them in action and some are extremely private and DL.

This is true in most cities that we’ve experienced like DC, Atlanta and New York, etc. However, there was one party in New York that we attended that was for ‘Exclusively Body Brothers Only!’ This particular party had as many lit to mood-lighting rooms as dark rooms. And if you've ever been to a party in NY every room is packed for they bring in 100-200 deep at every party!

But to our surprise... guys at Magnum XL last night were asking for more light! We were like huh? You guys want more light? They replied: Yes! Guys with body want to see and watch other guys with body! It’s too dark in here. We replied: We love and prefer light too! So, you Got it!

So, from here on out…we’ll have a totally dark room and a much brighter play area for guys can see and enjoy the ‘Eye-Candy!’

A Special Thank You to: E.W., BJ and DW for reaching out to us to personally help us ‘Spread the Word’ about ‘Magnum XL Fridays!’ Not only did you guys spread the word, but brought new sexy, Body Fit Brothers to the party! We truly Appreciate the Love and Support!

Lastly, Big Thank You to all the truly sexy guys who attended the Official ‘Magnum XL Friday Party’ on last night. It was another packed wall-to-wall night with sizzling hot action all night long. Honestly, last night truly felt like a Holiday Party! Speaking of the Holidays!

See You Guys next week ''LABOR DAY WEEKEND for Magnum XL Friday, August 31st (Body Fit only!) and Magnum XL Sunday, September 2nd (OPEN TO ALL!!!) No Work on Monday!

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