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MAGNUM XL FRIDAY (Labor Day Weekend)

Holiday Weekend events are always a 'Blast!'

It allows people to leave the work week behind and enjoy family, friends and just Party!

But there's nothing like sexy, body fit men coming together... not just to party, but to engage in a kind of Fraternity Brotherhood atmosphere. A private invite only gathering or event where you know that the finest of the finest brothers will be in attendance!

Our New MAGNUM XL FRIDAY ~ Sexy, Body Fit Party is that 'FRATERNITY!' Last night truly brought out extremely sexy brothers from out of the shadows. Point in case: BA said: I haven't been to the parties in minute due to work and travel, but I've been reading the blog. And I really wanted to see what the new Magnum XL Friday party for sexy, body fit brothers was all about. 'Congratulations! Friday nights are LIT!...Every brother in here is Fine as Hell.

KW: It was an amazing experience being with so many other athletic and fit brothers.

We are extremely happy with our new Friday night turnouts, but most importantly with the quality of Sexy Men. BIG THANK all the brothers and our out of town guest for attending our Labor Day Weekend party on Friday, August 31st.

We vow to continue to work extra hard to reach our sexy, body fit brothers and pull them out from the shadows. Our commitment is that Fridays will always be a private invite and discreet Spot where like-minded men can come together Man-2-Man as a tight brotherhood aka 'Fraternity!'


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