Great News! Our Magnum XL Tuesday nights are now Open 2 All... Okay, so what does that mean?

It means our Magnum XL Tuesday Nights are now Open to All Races! Also, we welcome (Average, Thick Proportionate to Athletic Body Types) on Tuesdays! We slowing started opening up our Tuesday Night parties to all races of men and Thick built men two Tuesdays ago. And, yes, it's still sizzling hot and guys are definitely feeling the diversity..

Unfortunately, We're still not ready to see overly Big Belly and Huge Big Men Naked...Yeah, sorry we're not there yet! Plus, there are several other parties in LA they are welcome to attend.

Big Thank You! To everyone who enjoy and notice the continued changes to the LA Spot! We truly appreciate you guys noticing it for it's all to make your experience more inviting and enjoyable.

Other New Changes coming in the New Year! Thanks again for your support every week, Much Love...

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