Friday, Oct 12th during the rain...was INSANE & and HEATED! We know that guys who are new to the Magnum XL parties was concerned that the rain would keep guys from coming out. But they quickly found out that there is nothing like some getting-in while it's raining outside. It's one of hottest experiences anyone can have. The thunder and the sound of rain hitting the window has a stimulating sexual effect. So, while it was raining outside it was also raining inside the LA Spot! Guys who come out in the rain come ready and loaded... It was an Awesome Night!

And taking about a night to remember...if you are sleeping on our Tuesday are missing out...Tuesday, Oct 16th was SICK! Tuesday night just has a magic to it called "Horny AF." Last night was so hot you would of thought another rain storm hit LA....

Magnum XL binging you two sizzling hot parties Every Week...White parties have clubs and man-2-man parties 4 to 5 times a at The LA Spot feel we can at least present two nights You Guys can count matter the turn-out or the sizzling's all about You! We appreciate you guys so much for your support week after week. We stand Proud all because of YOU! Much love!

PS: MAGNUM X-CLUSIVE is Coming Soon....strictly for Sexy, Body Fit Men of Distinction! Men who we've never seen before who are discreet and masculine are signing up left and right! LA will not be ready for our Private Invite Only Events!

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