(60 Plus - Tuesday Night Record!)

Magnum XL Parties Always Bring Out The Sexiest Brothers N-Los Angeles Hands Down!

No Halloween Goblins... just Sexy Bad Azz Mother Fuckers....making it RAIN all night long @

The LA Spot!

It's interesting that guys call and text how is the crowd, but all that goes out the window when they see the Quality of Guys.... Yes, this is how 'The LA Spot' Magnum XL parties has lasted so long....for we target sexy, masculine brothers in LA and around the World. And last night, Tuesday, October 30th truly represented our Standard! Plus it was one of most HEATED Tuesday nights we've had during a Halloween Week! It was so LIT we had guys still arriving at 2am to sneak in that much needed man-2-man horny-azz action!

BIG THANK all the brothers who made our Magnum XL Halloween Party a huge Success!

See you on Friday, November 2nd as we present the "BESTIE PARTY" Two-4-One Night! As always...we give back and give you much love for your continued Support!

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