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Spring Tuesday Brings out the Lions, Tigers & Wolves!

(60+ guys)

Spring is officially here! How do we know? Last Night at Magnum Tuesday the Lions, Tigers & Wolves came out to feed! If you've been to Magnum Tuesday you already know it's always a hot night, but last night was beyond REAL!.... Guys came out in packs... hot and ready to throw down and devour on every-man in their path. Honestly, we was not expecting such a huge turnout, but thankfully the liquor and supplies lasted till the last few wolves feeding! lol.

Big Thank You to all the sexy men who made last night simply Amazing!...We are truly humbled each and every week by you guys support!

A Special 'SHOUT OUT' to E.C. and Mike who never come along, but always brings SEXY new brothers to 'The LA Spot! Much Love!

GREAT NEWS: MAGNUM X-CLUSIVE (The Body Fit Party) will now be every Friday Night starting Friday, 'April 5th' with special guest Hosts appearing on certain Fridays. So Save The Date. Now that Spring is here it's time to take X-Clusive to the next level verses once a month!

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