From start to finish Magnum X-Clusive Body Fit Party was LIT! Guys started arriving at 11pm which was our indicator that tonight was going to be on Fire! Friday, April 5, 2019 was the official start of Magnum X-Clusive Body Fit being every Friday night from here on out. And it did not disappoint! I mean come on...there is nothing like a packed house of Sexy, Body Fit Men getting it in Man-2-Man Totally Butt-Azz-Naked...LMAO. When we first start Magnum X-clusive we were like this can't just be once a month! So, we slowly starting planning to make it Every Friday Night!

So, with that said...we're happy to announce that we official have two different nightly theme parties. Magnum Tuesdays which is geared towards (Slim, Average, Thick & Athletic Built Men) and Magnum X-Clusive Fridays - The Body Fit Party (Slim cut, Athletic, Ripped & Muscular Built Men). Both parties provide open bar, but Magnum X-Clusive Fridays gives you more variety of Top-Shelf Liquor, Food not just snacks, towel service, ambiance and VIP service.

Big 'THANK YOU' to everyone who came out last night and rocked the place till 5:30am. Special Shout-Out to all the New guys who attended and for the members who invited them. FACTS: When you present quality... rather it's an event or a great party people we share their experience and invite friends and others to come along and enjoy. So, stay's only going to get BETTER!

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