Friday, April 12th, was truly 'EPIC' and the very first time the action was so heated the Magnum Friday - Body Fit Party lasted until 7am in the freaking morning! We're talking about brothers leaving 'The LA Spot' with the sun blazing bright as fuck! It felt like being at a New York club that is dark as hell and then leaving the club with the Sun in full effect! If you've never experienced it...let us tell you...that's some crazy shit!

Okay...I know you're asking why did it last till 7am? Well, It's quite simple!...Whenever you have tons of sexy, fine azz, body fit brothers with mad stamina and can bust multiple times... the action never STOPS! The party was so heated...the crew was like fuck it...let's locked the doors and join in...And Damn... it's not even Summer yet! LMAO

Big 'THANK YOU' to all the Brothers who came out on last night, and a Special Shout-Out to all the New Brothers who attended. We truly appreciate the Support and for making Magnum X-clusive Friday Nights truly the hottest, body fit party in Los Angeles!

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