(54 Men-N-Attendance!)

WTF! Magnum Tuesday nights are on Fire!!! Guys walked in the LA Spot last night, July 30th and were like's only 11pm and it's already packed in this Bitch! All night guys were saying why is Tuesday night feeling like a Friday night?

Good Question! First, it's early in the week and guys are looking for that early weeknight piece of ass and dick! LMAO...This is why Midtowne Spa was packed on a Tuesday night and deemed 'Black Night' back in the day. Secondly, our attendance of new members are off the roof! The word about the Magnum DL parties in general is spreading like wild-fire...and its all due to you guys!

On our sign-up form we list how did you hear about the Magnum DL Party?...And overwhelmingly new members say a 'Friend Recommended me to attend.' 'Word of mouth is the best form of advertising! So, we say THANK YOU for inviting your sexy friends and helping us to continue to grow that even our Tuesday nights feel like packed 'Friday Night!.

Much Love,

Flex & Marcus T.

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