MAGNUM FRIDAY NIGHT! - Raptors vs Warriors.

(49 Attendance)

August 2019 has been super Hot.. not only in the weather, but in serious built-up sexual action. Tuesday nights are bringing in big attendance numbers and Friday nights's always sizzling hot! LOL.

However, last night, Friday, August 16th was exceptionally LIT.. Why? Several New Comers who've heard about Magnum DL Fridays -The Body Fit Party... attended, and came in not shy, but on a mission to take down the Home Team...

How? Well, we're glad you asked! Just like Friday, August 9th..and previous Fridays... Body Boyz always seem to come in packs ...4 to 6 deep like wolves on the hunt! Sidebar: Our Friday nights always start off with an amazing social hour...which we love to seeing guys engaging and feeling out their when the social hour is over...All Bets Are Off...Game Time! And last night these sexy 5 New Comers truly were on a mission to take no prisoners. It truly felt like the 'Toronto Raptors' taking down the 'Golden State Warriors'...'Yeah, we know we're playing on your home turf, but we taking over this Bitch!' LOL

It was not only sizzling hot, but truly a fun night...Damn...Nights like these....makes us glad we started 'Magnum!' Big THANK YOU to all the sexy brothers who came out well as, two sexy brothers celebrating their B-Day...their's nothing like getting some good ass or dick to bring in another year...LMAO.

SAVE THE DATE!... 'MAGNUM SUNDAY' we're doing it BIG...Top-Shelf Bar and Food on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST - TIME: 11PM-6AM or Until the Last Man Standing!

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