Magnum DL parties (Tuesday & Friday Nights) are soaring in attendance! We're growing like never before which means consistency and presenting fun packed parties are paying off. See Updates of Attendance Below:



Another Recorded Breaking Holiday Week! Starting with Magnum Tuesday, November 26th - (60 plus guys) and when we thought it couldn't get any better...'BLACK FRIDAY' November 29th- brought in (80 sexy guys) with non-stop action till the sun was starting to rise! Wow! What an amazing Holiday Weekend. As always, we like to Thank our faithful Members, First-timers and Out of Town Guest for making our Magnum Pre-Thanksgiving & Black Friday Parties a huge SUCCESS!

Two Sizzling Hot Parties...starting with Tuesday, November 12th (43 guys) and Friday, November 15th with two other similar parties on the same night...Magnum still hit (60 sexy guys in attendance). 'BIG THANK YOU!' to our Loyal Members...You guys are the Best!!!

First Friday November 1, 2019 was cold as fuck outside, but it was sizzling HOT inside The LA Spot 'Magnum Friday' with 61 sexy guys and a ton of new first-timers!

Thanks to all the new guys who attended and especially our faithful Members! Love You Guys!

Halloween Party October 25th brought in 62 sexy men & Friday, October 18th - was simply blazing Hot with 64 Sexy Guys in Attendance! Another Big Tuesday Night Party October 8th with 60 Guys in Attendance! Check out our numbers in September 2019. Tuesday night, September 17, 2019 we had 55 sexy guys in attendance and Friday, September 20, 2019 we had a whooping 72 sexy guys in attendance. Tuesday, September 24, 2019 we had 57 sexy guys in attendance! Don't Sleep on our Tuesday Nights! Finally, we end September with our Magnum Friday ,September 27th which had 66 sexy guys in attendance!

We are extremely grateful for the support and making plans to rearrange our front play area to provide more space for attendance like 60-70 guys. Lastly, we know the main reason for attendance growth is based on our Members spreading the word and inviting new guys every week and for that we say 'THANK YOU!"

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