(Attendance: 118 Men over the two M.L. King Holiday!)

(Friday, January 17th - 51 and Sunday, January 19th - 67)

Magnum M.L. King Weekend was a Huge Success! Friday, January 17th night's vibe was super chill, but heated! The energy in the beginning started off as brothers just catching up with old friends. Guys were drinking, laughing and conversating...which is always awesome to see brothers engaging and having fun. However, as the night went on.... all the conversation slowly stopped, and the man-2-man action was in complete Overdrive! LOL.

Sunday, January 19th - However was totally a different story! ...Guys came in with one mission only...To Get It In aka 'BUSY!'... We're talking about let me grab a drink and see who's all up in this Bitch! In other words...No time to 'Chit-Chat or time to Waste!

Why the rush you ask? Well, even though Monday, January 20th is M.L. King Holiday....not everyone has Monday off. Several guys had to be at work at 8 am or 9am in the morning on Monday. So, needless to say conversating was not on their agenda! LMAO.... Truth be told the only sound you heard on Sunday night was 'OOH'S & AAH'S...LOL. It was one of those night where guys were on a serious mission...and they accomplished it by grabbing a slice or two of Pizza on the way out the door! Yessir! It was a FUN NIGHT!

BIG THANK our Faithful Members and several out of town guest...which a few said they just moved to LA and was told 'Magnum' was the place to be. We truly, appreciate the love! Note: Doing Back-2-Back parties on a weekend can be tough....but you guys 'ALWAYS' come through and for this we can't Thank You Guys Enough! Much Love, Flex and 'T'.

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