Return of NUBIAN ~ Black Brother's Only Party!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

After overwhelming request from our Members we decided to bring back our 'Nubian' Black Brother's Only Party. We titled it 'The Return of Nubian!'

This past weekend we presented Two Sizzling Hot Back-2-Back Party Weekend with our regular Magnum Party on Friday, December 13th with (60 guys in attendance) and Nubian ~ The Black Brothers' Only Party on Saturday with (50 black men in attendance).

We were taking a risk by having two back-to-back parties on an off holiday weekend. However, to our surprise both parties were well attended and definitely LIT!

At the end of Nubian when guys were heading home we took a two question survey. We asked the brother's if they enjoyed the Nubian All Black Brother's Party and if so, should it be once a month, twice a month or weekly. Needless to say all the brother's loved the party and the majority agreed it should be once a month for now. Below is a few of the comments to our two question survey:

Question #1: Did you enjoy the Nubian - All Black Brother's Party?

Brother #1. Hell yeah! The party tonight was lit as f'ck.

Brother #2. One of the hottest party I've attended...It was a lot of fun!

Brother #3. Now that was a gooood party!

Question #2: How often should we present the Nubian party?

Brother #4. I think once a month. This way guys have something to look forward to.

Brother #5. All the time...nothing like black brother's getting together for some hot fun.

Brother #6. Once of twice a month, but not all the time...give guys a chance to miss it.

Good News: So, with the positive feed back we decided to bring back The Nubian Black Brother's Party once a month starting in January 2020. If you attended or missed the party on Saturday, December 14th and wish to chime in leave a comment below. All feed back is welcomed.

Huge 'THANK YOU' to all the guys who attended our Back-2-Back party weekend.

Much Love, Flex and Marcus.

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