MAGNUM XL Vs Blatino Oasis

Saturday, April 29th "Magnum XL Party' will definitely go down as one for the record books! Packed-out, Sizzling Hot and Full of Man-2-Man Action! ~ Strangely it's partly due to guys leaving the 11th Annual 'Blatino Oasis' come to Magnum XL in LA!. Say What? Yup, we had tones of out of town guys who were attending the Palm Spring Retreat, but didn't get what they wanted or expected and made there way to "Magnum XL!" for some serious Black on Black Man-2- Man Action! We're talking about guys from Houston, DC and Chicago were all at 'The LA Spot! The WORD was more "White Oasis' this year in Palm Springs than 'Blatino Oasis' in the Desert!

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