Attendance: Always Packed & Sexy!

Key Word: As guys entered the LA Spot! 'Boy, it's 'COLD' outside!'

Really? Yes, for Los Angeles 45 degrees is pretty cold at night! But, that didn't keep the sexy Brother's from coming out....they piled in knowing it would be steamy hot in more ways than one once inside. And they were right! We always say, 'Damn, we Love Tuesday Nights! Big shout- to several new sexy guys attending for the first time!

One in particular who said: 'Wow, man, I never knew this was going on in LA on a Tuesday night...with all these sexy as brothers!...I'm definitely coming back and bringing a buddy!...'Does he have to submit a photo for an invite?' Our Reply: 'Normally yes, but we Trust You!'


In a nut-shell, we've been doing our parties on the low for a long, long time and through trial and error we've learned a little something about what works for us! Answer: 'Like-minded Sexy Men...Love & Prefer to with other Like-minded Sexy Men'... Period!

This is our Standard...and we will never apologize for trying to keep our parties filled with sexy brother's who workout hard to keep their bodies tight...which ranges from slim toned to muscular thick. This alone has the Brother's in LA coming out week and week and yes, even when it's 'COLD' outside! We respect and appreciate the men who support us, take their suggestion to keep them happy, satisfied and coming back!

Come Join Us! For info to our private invite only party send your sexy body pic to: and visit:

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