After Ten Years of presenting 'The LA Spot!' parties we've learned change is good, yet sometimes Hard. But to grow sometimes change is necessary and it may shake things up that others may or may not agree with. We decided in 2018 we would make our Lounge Area more inviting and upscale and the love was shared by most, except those who wanted to still freak in the lounge area lol.

Price Change! However, as a team went back and forth on if we should increase our Saturday night Entry Cover! Yes, even, after our Members have been telling us for years our cover charge is too LOW for what we offer! But because this is a New Year and it's Spring we decided to increase our Saturday entry cover to $15 Before 12 Midnight & $20 After which is in line with other parties here in LA who are charging $15 to $30 at the door and some a lot more!

As mentioned above, some will have a issue with the change....but we no change is hard, but hopefully, they will realize our worth in presenting what we know are the hottest parties in LA hands down...not boasting...just it 100 aks TRUTH! And if anyone has a issue with an extra $5 bucks for a good time...well, no love lost!

Be sure to check out our New Website and Lounge and give us your Feedback! As always


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