Magnum XL Tuesday Nights are INSANELY HOT! (42 Attendance)

And last night, Tuesday, April 10th was no exception! Guys were lined up at door and coming in groups last night! However, several things stood out on last night.... just like Saturday nights guys called toward the end of the night asking is it too late to come to the party, guys arriving really late thinking the party went till 4am and towards the end guys did not want to Leave! The crew were like 'WOW' Don't you guys have work on Wednesday?

We Ponder! LOL...What is it about Tuesday Nights at 'THE LA SPOT!' that guys really love that makes it extremely Hot & Lit! Our First thought was maybe guys just need an early escape from the 9 to 5...a place to feel like it's the weekend already.

Our Second thought was...well Tuesdays nights do bring out some really Hot Brothers...due to those who can't always make it on Saturday night! Our Third thought was hell guys are just Horny as Fuck and need an early weekday release! Finally, the crew came to the conclusion that it's 'ALL OF THE ABOVE!'

GOOD NEWS! Starting next Tuesday, April 17th 'Magnum XL Tuesday will go to 3AM for Spring and Summer 2018. SPREAD THE WORD! So, if you haven't attended a Tuesday night...you're missing a really Insane Party! As always Big Thanks for the LOVE and SUPPORT for you Guys Make The LA Spot the Hottest Party in Los Angeles!

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