Sat, April 14, 2018 (Attendance: 45)

Spring is starting off with a Big Bang! Saturday Night, April 14th man-2-man 'ACTION' felt like guys heard about Tuesday night and was jealous they didn't make it, but were determined to make up for it with a Vengeance!....Well, after watching Beyoncé performance at Coachella that is...LOL...

Guys also stepped into our Newly designed play area... now with three (3) beds in the front play area and our new Bathroom decor! It's always our goal to make the LA Spot not only super Fun, but inviting and elegant as well.. Our goal is to truly make the LA Spot like your home...a place you are proud of and want to invite your buddies to...Just because hot man-2-man action happens doesn't mean it has to look 'Raunchy!'

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