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Magnum XL Tuesday on April 17th was really fun and full of Hot Sizzling Action! But it was also disheartening...which led us to address an issue that unfortunately, has happened a few times at 'The LA Spot!'

'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not' is an old saying in which one person seeks to determine whether the object of their affection returns that affection or simply put...is He into me like I'm into Him. It's not a straight thing nor a gay thing...it's a Human thing! When one finds out that the affection aka the loving feeling is mutual it's truly bliss and can become something really wonderful.

However, if the other person is not feeling you...it can be devastating and painful. But this is LIFE!...We've all experienced rejection....even if it's not Love, but simply wanting to be 'Liked' or intimate sexually.

Let's keep it REAL! Just like you can't make someone love you...you surely can't make someone like you or want to engage sexually with you.But sadly, sometimes when the person is rejected... and rejected...and rejected again....especially by a certain type of person they are really attracted to,,,they can become bitter! Which can lead to becoming vindictive to all men with similar traits.

Once again, no one likes rejection...it hurts and makes you feel unattractive...but as adults we have to learn to keep it moving and not lash out just becomes someone is not into you. Nor loop everyone in a category that you feel is too good to get with other people who don't look like them, etc. Words of Advice: If someone doesn't get a hold on this...it can lead down a dangerous and miserable road of no return.

FYI: At 'The LA Spot...we have a 'NO PRESSURE RULE' in place just for this reason! If someone is not feeling you or don't want to get with you sexually...keep it MOVING!...Don't try to belittle the person by getting loud and nasty just because you're bitter or hurt because of past rejections. Because if you create a scene.. this will surly get you kicked out and banned! Period!

Lastly, as always a Big Thank You to everyone who came out last night, and we truly apologize for the incident that happen on Tuesday night, but when a person disrespects one of our guest they disrespect the Host as well.

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