Another 'FIRE' Magnum Tuesday on March 19, 2019 that lasted until 4am in the freaking morning... Yes, you heard right.. seven (7) hours of non-stop action! HUGE SHOUT-OUT to 5 brothers from London coming in and wrecking 'The LA Spot!' These 5 brothers literally took-over the party taking and receiving all night lone. BTW: Courtesy of E.C. connections....Thanks again Bro for being a huge supporter of Magnum.

E.C.: "Magnum is the hottest party in Los Angeles that brings the sexiest brothers and other fine men of color from LA and around the word....Hell Yeah, I'm going to promote the Hell out of this 'Mutherfuker' because this is my Spot!..Every sexy homie I know who has been looking for something like this for a long time will know about Magnum @ The LA Spot!."

As always 'Thank You' to all the sexy guys who came out last night and still texting me about how amazing Magnum Tuesday was last night and the Magnum DL parties in general.

If you missed last night...don't miss Friday night, March 22nd for Magnum Friday - The Body Fit Party, 11pm-4am/5am. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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