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Come bring in 2020 with us @ LA's Hottest Man-2-Man party, Tuesday, December 31, 2019-2020.


Magnum has seen major attendance growth, interior changes and sexiness-n-abundance in 2019.


Our weekly attendance (Tuesday & Friday Nights) has grown from 80-90 guys weekly to a whooping 130-140 plus guys weekly. We're still not at the level of a New York or Atlanta (200) attendance party, but we're good at this level of attendance. It's comfortable and not too overwhelming.



We've also made some amazing interior upgrades to the LA Spot location. We added a white diamond bar with ice stand, white sofa with black arm chairs, stylish wall decor including illuminating tea lights to set the mood and exotic plants in the lounge area. Lastly, we enclosed the Entrance Patio area with drapes and added a seating area so guys can chill outdoors in private. Sweet!



Yes, we're talking about the Brother's and Men of Color. Hands down and without question the Magnum DL parties brings in the Sexiest Brother's in LA and around the country. No other Man-2-Man Party like ours in Los Angeles can Touch Us or even come close to the majority of Sexiness, Body Fit & Hella Fine Brothers who walk through our Doors week after week! PERIOD! If they claim it..they are straight up lying! WE GOT THIS!!!

Disclaimer: It's all due to our Faithful Members! They are the ones who invite their sexy homies... and then their homies invite their buddies and on and on it goes! Sexy Brings-N- Sexy! Ya Heard!



We're planning some really awesome things in 2020 that we are really excited about. See just a few list of things coming below:

* NUBIAN ~Black Brother's Only Party Returns!

We re-launched it on Saturday, Dec 14th and now it will be once a month starting in 2020.

* VIP Membership

* Naked Pool Parties

* Events & Getaways!

Yes, we're starting back our 'ADONIS' Getaway in Palm Springs and other destinations.

* New Upgrades for 2020

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