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Magnum XL ~ Butt Azz Naked Party(Thanksgiving Saturday) AWESOME!HowWhy

When most people say....'Wow! The party was off the chain'...they normally refer to a packed-out house aka number of people in attendance. Okay, we can put a Check Mark on attendance! 60 plus guys!

But when we say 'The Party was off the chain aka Awesome.'...What we mean is QUALITY! Saturday Night, November 26th was packed-out yes, but most of all, it was filled with some SEXY AZZ BROTHERS @ THE LA SPOT!

At the end of the day we'll take quality aka sexy ass fuck over quantity any day! WHY, because when everywhere you look and turn you see a sexy brother getting it in and having a great time...that's the definition of an AWESOME PARTY! Thank you guys for your continued support and making our Thanksgiving Saturday 'Magnum XL' Party' truly one of the record books! Much Love! Flex

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