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MAGNUM XL on Saturday, Dec 10th was....Yes, you guessed it.. AMAZING! But that's not the story! What makes our parties are the sexy men who attend faithfully! They are cool, SEXY, respectful, no drama and most of all "FUN!' And I would hope we helped just a little in creating an environment where guys can come to the 'SPOT!' and just getaway from the stress of work, school or life and chill with other like-minded brothers.

So, for those who have not attended due to you're a little scared or nervous, because you don't know what to expect....just know that this is a 'SPOT' you can truly feel comfortable and relaxed with no pressure and hangout with some really cool guys. We 'GUARANTEE YOU' there is no place like 'THE LA SPOT! anywhere in Los Angeles!...This is why we can present our man-2-man parties every Tuesday and Saturday Night and always have a great turn-out, and most of all, with some amazing and sexy guys in LA and from around the world! Truly, Our Guys Are The Best!!!

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