Our "Butt Naked Tuesday Appreciation Party" was just incredible! And yes, we knew it would be hot...but not like this!....It's the first time we heard.....'Wow, it's just too overwhelming in this bitch!' LOL.. but in a Good Way! Yes, the fine brothers were definitely in the Joint! Guys kept on asking us why did we decide to do the Appreciation Party? It's Simple!: To continue to show 'YOU' our loyal customers our 'Appreciation' for the love and support you guys have given us over the years!

We decided long ago to always make it a point to show our it's 'TACO Tuesday Night'...where we serve home-made Taco's to the brother's after the party, to our 'FIVE '($5) Dollar Night' to our 'Invite A First Time Friend & Get-N-Free!' night, etc. We strive to be innovative! We are the first party to start the 'Boxer Briefs Party,' 'Butt Azz Naked Night' and the Early week night aka Tuesday Freak Night in Los Angeles, CA.

Lastly, we do our best to be Consistent!....where guys don't have to think about or ask the question 'Are your guys doing your party tonight?' Yes, of course shit happens, but we do our best to be a place aka Spot in LA that you can count on every week! Once again, Thank You...Thank You...Thank You...for all your Support! The LA Spot!

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