(Attendance: 78)

There is a saying..."Lighting Struck Twice" which is never a good thing especially if its you or your house,etc that is hit. Although, as it relates to the LA Spot Magnum XL X-Mas Party it was expected. However, for our 'End of the Year' party the second lighting on last night was truly unexpected! Close to 80 sexy guys rolled through like a blazing tornado that brought serious lightening and just wrecked the joint!

Yes, we knew it would be Lit....but not like this, and well, we were a little ill-prepared... Sort of...LOL... Last night was truly an awesome night and a great indicator that in 2018 'The LA Spot' will continue to grow and bring more sexy Brother's through its doors! We're already getting tons of text messages from guys saying 'Damn...I heard about last night, and I was coming..now sorry I missed it!'

Big Thanks for all the compliments of our New Design Lounge Area...and of course, the Major Support throughout the year and over the Holidays. Jennifer Holliday sings a song entitled "I AM LOVED' and this is how we felt in 2017 and now coming into 2018 from you guys! Thank You...Thank You. and Happy New Year 2018.

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