MAGNUM XL 2-24-18

(Attendance: 51)

Magnum XL on Saturday, February 24th was just sexy as FUCK! Yeah, you already know the man-2-man action was on POINT...but the sexiness was more impressive! There is nothing more sexy than a fine as Brother Butt Azz Naked...with his manhood swinging from left to right! DAMN!

Good News! A lot of new sexy brothers at the Spot on Saturday night! We know is due to you guys spreading the word and also by us extending our marketing to other social media platforms.

Unfortunately, we had to turn a few guys away at the door. Why you ask? Our parties is geared towards sexy and (Slim toned, Athletic, Ripped and Muscular) built Men Only. If you're thick and everything is on point we welcome you too. For the record, we do allow some of our long time members who are not in the best of shape, but are big supporters and like family!

However, It's been suggested that we do a 'Big Boy Night' like once a month...mmmm...possibly..but still on the fence with that. Would love your feedback. As always BIG THANKS for supporting us...Every Week...Our Mission is to Create a place where men can hangout every Week man-2-man! Hell, if the White Boy Parties can do it every week...We can too. Much Love!

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