Magnum XL ~ 03-03-2018

(Attendance: 53)

Magnum XL on Saturday was definitely HEATED...and it needed to be, because (DAMN) it was extremely COLD last night!

However, that didn't stop the Brothers, as well as, our sexy Latino and Pacific Islander brothers from getting it in as soon as clothes dropped at the door.

We are overwhelmed and extremely pleased that every week we have several new Brothers attending. We know now in part it due to our new Marketing Strategy as well to You guys spreading the word!


First Timer # 1: My boys have been telling me I needed to check 'The LA Spot' for a minute now...and that all the brother's were on point. But they know I'm picking as f*ck so, I was hesitant. But now that I've attended I'm so pissed I've been Missing out!" Dope Party!

First Time #2: "First Class" all the way and the host were extremely friendly and welcoming.

BIG SHOUT-OUT to all the brothers who continue to spread the word about 'The LA Spot parties! You're the reason why we do what we do! Much Love!

Good News: Our Tuesday nights are reaching closer and closer to our Saturday night attendance numbers and Saturday nights is consistent with 40-60 plus guys every week with new faces... Every Week...As always...THANK YOU GUYS for the SUPPORT! Just know 'The LA Spot' is here for you 'EVERY WEEK' and we're extremely grateful that YOU GUYS ARE TOO!

Oh, lastly, we have to give it up to our Latino brothers...they come in ready to turn-up...they get here early and sets the mood for 'Fire and Fury!' LOL

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