The question we get all the time from brother's inquiring about the MAGNUM XL parties @ The LA do 'Sexy, Fit Brothers' really attend? Which we would reply with a humble 'Yessir!'....Then we noticed we started getting this question a lot....I mean, so much so, that it was kinda getting annoying...and our answer went from a humble Yessir to 'Bro come and see for yourself!' LOL

We honestly didn't know why this question was coming up so much until Tuesday night, May 8th! Tuesday nights are always lit and full of action... but we had several new, sexy brothers who came through on last night! Special Shout Out to two young, sexy brothers we deemed 'The Bandanas Brothers' and one surprised hot celeb...rolled through! No, we'll never tell, but, yes, that's how we roll here at the LA Spot.

So, as the party was closing last night one of the newbies told us before he left...'Bro the word is out about you 'alls 'Magnum XL' parties! Me and boy replied how so? He said. That this is the new spot where fine DL Brothers can kick-it at on the low. So, I wanted to check it out and this shit was lit.'

AHHA! The Mystery Solved! This was our answer to why we were getting so many questions about do sexy brothers really attend your spot! So, for all you brother's who read our can stop asking....Yes, Sexy, Fit Brothers attend our 'MAGNUM XL' Tuesday, Saturday and Special Holiday parties! Spread the Word!

Good News! 'NUBIAN' is back on Sunday, May 27th (Memorial Weekend)! SAVE THE DATE!

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