The team decided a few weeks ago to stop showing the attendance number because it felt like we were bragging or using it as a tool to encourage guys to attend. Let's face it, guys who are attending for the first time and guys who don't attend regularly are the only ones who want to know the attendance number. Guys who attend regularly on a Saturday night know our parties range between 40-60+ guys on any giving Saturday and 60-80 guys on Holidays!

However, Tuesday nights as we mentioned before is slowing but surely reaching our Saturday nights numbers. Case in point...Tuesday, May 15th hit a 'Record Breaking # of Fifty (50) Guys!' Our last record number was 42 guys, but never 50 on a Magnum Tuesday night.

Needless to say 'Tuesdays at the LA Spot' is a big hit with the brothers for several reasons. First, we started going to 3am instead of 2am. And it's amazing that guys stay till the very end...even guys who have to be at work early on Wednesday. Secondly, weekends can be packed with other things including family, friends and other parties which may prevent guys from attending. So, Tuesday nights is the prefect time to attend. Thirdly, guys come on a mission to get it in and not so much for the fellowship that Saturday provides. Finally, Tuesday nights brings some really sexy, hot brothers....which is always a big plus. So, if you have never attended a Tuesday night because you think guys don't go out on Tuesday....we encourage you to come once and 'Trust Us' you're be hooked!

As always 'A HUGE THANK YOU' to all the guys who attended on last night to make this Recording Breaking Tuesday happen. Thank you for your continued Support 'EVERY WEEK! Much Love!!!

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