BET Weekend 2018

BET Weekend the New 'LA Black Pride Weekend!' Yes, we know it's normally the 4th of July Weekend, but with all the people, celebrities, events and parties in Los Angeles this weekend it makes perfect sense that this weekend would take its place! Without a doubt the BET Weekend definitely had a Holiday feel and that was evident with all the people who were in town.

We can't speak for other man-2-man parties and there was plenty, but Magnum XL was so packed on Saturday, June 23rd everyone noticed! The response was like damn it's wall-2-wall sexy Brothers in every room in this bitch! LOL.

FYI: When we say the guys were don't have to wonder or question for one minute that 'The LA Spot'' brings the HEAT! It's our TRADEMARK and no other party can claim it....

As always 'BIG THANK YOU' to all the Brothers who came through on Saturday night June 24th!

Save The Date! MAGNUM XL Tuesday, July 3rd - (4th of July Holiday) 9pm-3am or until the last man is Standing for there is no work on Wednesday, July 4th! Spread The Word!

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