(70 +) Sexy Brothers!

FIREWORKS is an understatement....and no we don't mean the Fireworks blasting outdoors...we mean the ones blasting off left and right at the Magnum XL Pre-July 4th Holiday Party on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Last night was definitely one for the Record Books...and what made the party so intense was that the brothers started arriving really early which meant it got packed really fast and stayed packed until the time we had to shut this mother down!... Truly an Epic Night that started and ended with a HUGE BOOTY SLAPPING BANG!

BIG THANK YOU to all the fine and sexy brothers who came through, and we look forward to see everyone on Saturday, July 7th as we will be going from 11pm until 6am in the morning! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

'The LA Spot Crew!

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