LOS ANGELES GET READY! Starting Friday, August 24th, The LA Spot will be enforcing our Magnum XL Friday Night Body-Fit Rule! Now that we've moved back to every Friday night guys attending 'MUST' have a (Slim-Toned, Athletic to Muscular Built Body) to attend on Friday Nights. No Exceptions!

We've added a Body-Type Photo Chart on our website for guys can see if they fall within the following body types. Note: This Body Fit Rule is just for our Friday Night parties Only! See Body-Type Chart Here! Click LINK

Good News: Our Magnum XL Tuesday night parties are NOW OPEN to Average Built to Thick-Proportionate Men. Magnum XL Tuesdays are always packed and a good time with plenty of hot action. So, guys who don't fit the Body Fit Fridays are encouraged to attend Tuesday Nights! However, we're still not ready for overly big guys and extremely out of shape guys with big bellies...Sorry, no disrespect!

Lastly, we know the change will make some guys feel some kind of way...especially members who have been coming to the Magnum XL parties since the very beginning. But please understand we are 'Rebranding' and finally enforcing our Strict Body-Fit Rule that we've been kind of enforcing, but not fully for years due to we really didn't want to offend anyone.

However, a New Generation has arrived that are more conscious and into fitness and health. They are the majority of the guys who attend now and they workout hard in the gym to be Body Fit! So, now is the perfect time to go full-steam ahead with the Friday Night Body-Fit Only.

Even Better News!: Two Magnum XL parties every week: Friday Night tailored towards Body Fit Guys and Tuesday Night open to ALL from average, thick proportionate to muscular Men.

SPREAD THE WORD! The LA Spot is joining other major cities in presenting a Strict Body-Fit Only Party!

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