Magnum Tuesday & Friday nights have gone to another level of hotness aka FIRE! What's exciting is the tons of new guys joining our mailing list and attending every week! We owe this to our members who are spreading the word about 'The LA Fire!

But, it's the sizzling hot action that keeps guys coming back week after week! So, get ready for our Back-2-Back 4th of July Magnum Weekend Parties. IT'S GOING TO BE ON FIRE!!!

Party #1: Friday, July 5th, we present "MAGNUM" The Body Fit Dusk-2-Dawn Party- Time: 11pm-7am...Yes, you heard right... Eight (8) hours of Fire! Note: Friday Night is for our Body Fit Men Only!

Party #2: Saturday, July 6th, we present "MAGNUM SATURDAY" Open to all sexy men party! Time: 11pm-5am.

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