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Friday, January 3, 2020

Yes, you heard right (90 Sexy Guys) in attendance for our first Official 2020 Members Appreciation Party!

The Calm before the STORM! The night started off with a few guys arriving right at 11pm at 'The LA Spot' and with a few who trickled in around 11:30pm. However, right at 11:45pm the Storm Hit...and we mean it hit Hard! A gang of our Faithful and Loyal Members rushed in like a blazing tornado right before the 12am deadline. Why the rush! No Gang Rush? LOL.. Well, Friday, Jan 3rd night was our "Members Appreciation Party" where our regular and loyal attendees get in FREE before 12am!

From the start...we've always believed in giving BACK to our members. This special Members party and others we try to show members how much we Appreciate Their Support! Without a doubt we have some really loyal members....some who come almost every week. We truly believe they look forward to the parties. Its a way for them to unwind from a busy day or week, and to just hang out with other like-minded sexy brothers.

However and regardless of the why? We try to do our best to make sure that our members are Appreciated. It was a real celebration last night with sizzling Hot Action in every inch at the Spot, good conversation, Drinks, Food aka Pizza and Cake! Yes, one of our faithful and coolest members brought in a delicious CAKE to celebrate the Magnum Members Appreciation Party!

A huge 'THANK YOU' to all our sexy members and first-timer's who came out for another Attendance Recording Breaking Night & Hella 'LIT' Magnum Party! We truly hope you guys felt the love that you guys give us week after week. Much Love, FLEX, 'T' and the Crew!

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