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Los Angeles has moved into Phase 3 of its Reopening stage concerning the Covid-19.

State of California has allowed gyms and bars to begin resuming operations Friday, June 12, 2020. More Details:

Due to the incident on Friday, May 15th - The LA Spot will be enacting 'New Rules & Regulations' once we decide to reopen The LA Spot! Many of our Members have asked us what happened on that night. So, we felt its important for our members to know the basics of what happened.

Someone reported the party via a crimes line and the police showed up. No one was arrested, and none of the 12 members that were there when we opened were searched nor asked for their ID. The LA Spot was informed that we must have a ABC Liquor Permit when accepting donations at the door and was cited for not having a ABC Liquor Permit Only.

For the Record: None of the lies and false stories that have gone out are TRUE! However, the 'LOVE' via calls and text messages we've received was absolutely Amazing! "A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others." This is why we mention all the time how much we love and appreciate our faithful members...and we're not going to allow one person or anyone keep us from moving forward.

As we mentioned in a previous blog post we're working extremely hard to find a 'New Warehouse Facility' to take 'The LA Spot' to a new level in 2021. We have a few prospects and we'll keep members updated. However, once we Re-Open at our current location ...The LA Spot will be implementing New Rules & Regulations.


All persons who agree to become a member and guests of members of The LA Spot hereby agree to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by The LA Spot.

1. No longer will Alcohol aka Open Bar be served or allowed at the current 'LA Spot' premises! NOTE: It’s illegal without an ABC Liquor Permit in Los Angeles.

Sidebar: Members MUST get their buzz on before they arrive or enter The LA Spot! Note: Midtowne spa, Slammerclub, Flex Spa and even the famous Den Atlanta do not allow alcohol.

2. No hard drugs are allowed on the premises. That includes Marijuana & Vapors! Note: A License is required if charging a cover, selling tickets or accepting donations.

3. Members are expected to conduct themselves in an adult manner. Rowdy, disruptive, or anti-social behavior will result in ejection from The LA Spot and immediate revocation of membership.

4. The LA Spot reserves the right to add or modify rules that exist as necessary and you hereby agree to adhere to the said modifications.

5. Membership revocation is at the discretion of the Membership Committee and may be administered without advance notice for violations/infractions of any of the established rules. (This includes being rude, obnoxious, a burden, or nuisance to other members.)

6. All members are to be treated with common courtesy and respect.

7. The main objective of The LA Spot is discretion. We expect that what goes on in The LA Spot, stays at The LA Spot!

8. “No, thank you!” or “No!” always means: “No, thank you!” or “No!” We ask that you do not participate with other members who do not invite you to participate.

9. No firearms, sharp objects, or other weapons are allowed on the premises.

10. Cameras, camcorders, and recording watch phones or devices are strictly prohibited.

11. Any bags or containers brought into The LA Spot are subject to search at any time by the staff. Members do not bring large bags or suitcases. We will no longer accommodate.

12. The LA Spot will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

13. The LA Spot will not be held responsible or liable for any bodily injury.

14. The LA Spot’s dress code must be adhered to at all times or you may be asked to vacate the premises.

15. At Management discretion; we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Good News: Once we open our new facility in 2021 we will be organized as a 501(c) 7 which allows Private Member Social Clubs to be able to provide complimentary alcohol to their members.

Follow Us on Twitter: You're truly missing out on some serious action. Lastly, Please Welcome Our New Sponsor! Click Tab Below & Enter Men's Room.

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