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First and foremost, I deeply apologize to the members who had to experience this humiliating incident that happened at the Magnum Party. It was embarrassing and my heart was truly hurting for all of you. This should have never happened. I hope one day you guys can find it in your heart to forgive me for what took place. Also, I like to apologize to other members who were planning to attend and was informed it was cancelled.

What Happened?

At the advice of my Attorney I cannot go into details on this platform. However, I’m sure the word is out with great detail as to what took placed.

Why Did This Happen?

I feel jealousy and envy was at play here by someone who wanted to do me and The Spot harm.

In life… some people with evil intentions come in your space with the sole purpose and motive to hurt and destroy you. And at the time, an unforeseen circumstance that they've schemed and plotted may have seemed to do just that...Destroy you! And all that you've worked so hard to accomplish is suddenly gone. However, inadvertently makes you stronger and forces you to transform your creative ideas to even greater and higher ones…pretty much like a caterpillar.

A caterpillar who is short, stubby and has no wings goes into its chrysalis seemingly never to be seen again….Yet, it is undergoing a remarkable transformation to become a beautiful Butterfly!

To our faithful and awesome members, we are working extremely hard to go to the next level and just like a caterpillar goes through its long 'metamorphosis' stage to become a beautiful butterfly we too will emerge after this shut-down bigger, better and with stunning wings to continue to soar. Thanks to all the text and phone calls we’ve received….you guys are truly Awesome! Watch this space! Flex...

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